Who put the coffee in the medicine cabinet?

A brief look at the use of coffee as a homeopathic remedy

There is an unusual group of symptoms in various homeopathic books that are worth a closer look. They are concerned with health difficulties arising from such things as emotional excitement, joy, pleasant surprises or even excessive laughter.

Initially these may sound a little odd – how could joy or a pleasant surprise affect us adversely? On reflection, however, it is easy to come up with situations that might cause us a degree of difficulty. Think, for example, how we may feel after the job offer of our dreams or following that unexpected lottery win – or what about the child the night before his or her birthday. All of these moments have the potential to affect us quite negatively and develop a disturbed state of mind and body including overexcitement, anxiety, anguish, general emotional and physical oversensitivity and perhaps above all sleeplessness.

In order to help someone suffering from these sorts of symptoms using homeopathy, the general homeopathic principle of “what a drug (or other active substance) can cause it can cure” is applied. While it may feel counterintuitive, this means that rather than giving the person in this situation a sedative as might be done in conventional medicine, we need to give them a stimulant – and this is where the coffee comes in. Sold in health food shops as “coffea”, it is an invaluable home remedy for these sorts of situations particularly when there is a good “match” between the symptoms coffee can cause in the healthy and the person who is suffering the consequences of their good fortune. The mind/body system is very rapidly but gently restored to a state of dynamic order. Surely one for the medicine cabinet?

Please note: due to space the above description of the remedy coffea is necessarily limited as it has a very wide therapeutic scope – there are many sources of further information online with more detailed advice about when it is most appropriate to use it. Please have a look at these.

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