Appointments and treatment

Appointments are held in Stroud, Gloucestershire; parking is available. Directions are provided when arranging the first visit.

The first appointment typically takes 1-1½ hours. During this time you will be asked to describe your mental health problems and talk more broadly about yourself.

Based on this information, a homeopathic remedy will be selected and sent by post. Remedies are normally given as a “single dose”: in practice this means that the person receives 2 or 3 tablets that are taken as a one-off treatment. Instructions are provided.

Follow-up appointments typically occur between 3 and 5 weeks after a remedy has been taken. They tend to last up to 1 hour and are an opportunity to hear about and consider any responses or changes, as well as discuss other issues which may have arisen. If the remedy tried has not produced any clear benefit a further remedy will be selected and sent. There is a suggested maximum of four follow-up appointments followed by a review of how things are going and whether to continue with treatment.

The first consultation, especially for younger patients, may be in two steps, the first one being with the parent(s)/guardian on their own, the second with both parent/guardian and the young person.