Homeopathy for mental health

Five Valleys Homeopathy offers a specialist homeopathic service for people with mental health difficulties. The service is based in Stroud Gloucestershire and is run by Andy Brachi who is a registered mental health nurse (RMN) and qualified homeopath. Charges for the service are based on ability to pay and are intended to make it accessible to most people. One of the main aims of the service is to demonstrate homeopathy as a useful therapeutic intervention for those experiencing mental health difficulties.

Homeopathy itself is a system of medicine that uses “remedies” to help a wide range of problems, both physical and emotional. Like other alternative and complementary therapies, it endeavours to treat people and their difficulties as a whole and not as a collection of separate “parts”. There is more discussion about homeopathy under “further information”.

“Mental health” is here meant in its broadest sense, and includes difficulties with emotions such as sadness, anger, anxiety and elation; with lack of confidence and low self-esteem; with challenging behaviours, restlessness and concentration; with difficult inner experiences and issues with sleep or appetite. Also included are physical complaints that may have an emotional component such as menstrual difficulties, skin problems, excessive fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal and sexual difficulties, post-natal problems and so on.

If you are interested in trying homeopathy to support your or your child’s health, please read the points made under the various menu headings above. If you would then like to make an appointment, please call Andy on 077796 36 380 to arrange to meet.